We empower girls and women through innovation and scalable solutions.

What we do

Kukula Fund is a social investment firm that invests in early stage social enterprises that have direct impact on empowering girls and women in Zambia.

Our vision

Our vision is for every woman to meet her and her family's basic every day needs, 365 days per year. Through innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions, we aim to create jobs and raise poor communities' standards of living. We believe we can break down the vicious cycle of inter-generational poverty by creating social ventures that truly change lives.

Why Kukula Fund?

Where many of the larger organizations and companies have high expenses to keep themselves going, Kukula Fund has minimal operational costs. Kukula Fund ensures that 90% of each individual donation goes straight to the Ventures.

Our Approach

Our Ventures Must:

1. Be scalable beyond the local level
2. Have a positive impact on girls and women in remote or slum areas
3. Operate under a sustainable business model

Stage 1 - From Idea To Investment

An early stage business that fulfills this criteria proceeds to stage one.
At this point the team at Kukula Fund develops the venture, from idea to Investment.

Our Process:
1. The venture is tested on a small scale.
2. After testing, we re-develop, re-do, and test again.
This stage goes on until we are 100% satisfied with the outcome.
3. The idea verified and readied for Investment.

Stage 2 - Distribution On the Market

We only allow investment in tried, refined and scalable ventures with a proven
positive impact for women in high-density or remote communities.

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